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Matrix Marketing is a full service online marketing organization founded by Matt Connelly, an Internet Entrepreneur who has been marketing his own products and services online since 2000. Matt has been in the Direct Marketing business since 1995, and has a strong belief that advertising dollars should not only “position your brand” but that they should justify their existence and bring in leads and new clients (revenue) to your business.

Our company focuses on the most important thing in your online business: CONVERSIONS. Traffic means absolutely nothing if you are not converting that traffic into leads and customers for your business. Moreover, if you have no strategy to find new traffic online and convert that traffic, you are absolutely dead in the water.

At Matrix, we focus on BOTH Traffic and Conversion strategies so that you can accomplish your goals of driving new business through your website instead of it being a meaningless “business card” that serves little to no purpose whatsoever.

From a traffic generation standpoint, we strongly believe in going to where the traffic is currently on the Internet and tapping into this pipeline, rather than taking the costly process of developing a brand new campaign to try and attract visitors to your site out of nowhere.

Whatever your business problem is, we are confident we can solve it, period!

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