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Matrix Marketing: The SEO partner You Need for Your Business

Unfortunately, many, if not most, of the SEO  (search engine optimization) companies out there today are not very trustworthy. Unaware of how online positioning really works, many individuals are being ‘duped’ into paying a monthly payment for services that do  practically nothing for their businesses in return. The worst part is that these services are not cheap! So not only do they not bring profit to a company, but they are a useless expense as well.

Matrix Marketing is different.  We are a full-service online marketing organization founded by an internet entrepreneur who has been marketing products and services online since the year 2000. Furthermore, he has been in the direct marketing business since 1995. His dream was to form an SEO company that was different from the rest. One that believes that advertising dollars should do more than position a brand, but must also justify their means by bringing in new leads and clients to a business.

What makes Matrix so different is that we focus on the actual most important factor in your online business: conversions! Site traffic means nothing  if it is not converting into leads, and leads into customers. Surprisingly, most companies focus on increasing traffic only. With no strategy for converting that traffic, their business is dead in the water! Our company focuses on allowing your business to accomplish its goals of driving new business through your website, while other SEO companies often focus on making sites into business cards that serve little or no purpose at all!

In terms of generating traffic, Matrix Marketing believes in tapping into already existing pipelines on the web, rather than developing a brand or new campaign to attract visitors from nowhere, which can be both very timely and costly.

Remember that whatever your business problem is, we are 100% sure we can solve it efficiently!

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