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Many SEO (search engine optimization) companies out there seem to neglect the most important factor in internet marketing: conversion consulting.  While they strive to attain ‘top ten’ positioning in search engines, and therefore increase traffic going to a site, they overlook  a site’s ability to create profit for a business. Don’t be ‘duped’ into paying a monthly fee to reach a fifth position in Google’s search engine! What most companies do not realize,  or don’t want you knowing, is that only attaining one of the first four positions actually make a meaningful difference in increasing traffic to your site. Secondly, increasing traffic is only useful if it leads to new customers!

Surprisingly,  companies often focus solely on increasing traffic, but overlook the most important factor in online marketing: what they want people to do once arriving at their site. This is what conversions are all about. Matrix Marketing understands that once traffic is directed to your site, it should be converted into sales for your business.  Our internet marketing professionals can customize a conversion campaign for your site that will increase conversion rates by up to 200%!

Matrix Marketing will: complete an analysis of your site for free, pinpoint pages that should be optimized, offer a list of actions that should be taken to increase conversion, and much more. Remember, that no matter what your business is, our team of highly qualified professionals will help you optimize your conversion rate starting now! We have experience working with both small, local businesses, as well as large, international companies.

For your free website analysis, please fill out the form on the right hand side of the screen, and you will receive a video consultation of your site. You have nothing to lose, fill it out today and find out what you could improve on!